The second AGM of P.A.W. was held last August in Athlone. The Executive performed so well during the previous twelve months that they were re-elected unopposed. Our bank balance is in the black, and six important motions were passed. Successful protests were undertaken before the pandemic curtailed our action, and more protests are planned. Dynamic discussion took place and we aim to reach out to other animal welfare organisations and Rescues to support them in their endeavours. We also need our message to reach them, that we hope to be the 'voice' of animals in government someday soon. Full minutes of AGM for viewing HERE.

Parti Animalista, France. In their country's Municipal elections on June 28th, 2020, Parti Animalista confounded the experts by coming from nowhere to win 12 seats. They now have representation in most of France's major cities including Paris, Montpellier, Grenoble and Nantes.

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Party For Animal Welfare